Auweld Welding Machine Supplier Malaysia


Backed up by years of experience in oil & gas, marine, heavy engineering, construction and manufacturing, Auweld carries a comprehensive range of equipment and accessories catering to the light, medium and heavy industries for all your welding needs.

All the welding machines adopt the latest advanced technologies for stable and reliable operation. Auweld offers high quality automated welding system which maximises both safety and industry production and the most precise automated cutting machines to boost the quality of works.

Features of Auweld Equipment

HOT Start feature is available for some of the welding and cutting equipment for easily striking the arc.
Auweld welding equipment is implemented with arc force adjustment which can prevent electrodes from sticking.
Auweld welding equipment is designed and tested to be lightweight and portable so the industry workers can easily bring them out at site.
Auweld equipment can save energy which is more efficient compared to the traditional SCR machine.
Thermal protection feature

Apart from welding equipment, Auweld is well known with its accessories. Their accessories are designed and manufactured under stringent conditions in order to meet or exceed the users’ needs. Auweld accessories are of the highest quality to help a wide range of industries to seamlessly accomplish all the unique and heavy-duty processes. From welding insulating cables, welding blanket to abrasives. Auweld has all your accessories needs covered.

Throughout all these years in the industries, Auweld has been receiving numerous awards which are indeed a recognition to the high quality, high value welding solutions provided by Auweld. As a SMBA Industry Star Award winner in welding industry, Auweld welding machines and accessories are all priced economically to bring savings back to the customers, while giving them the highest satisfaction level.

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