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In Leeden, we aim to enhance safety and environmental standards, improve productivity and finished product quality. We strongly emphasize on the important to be working in a safe, clean and healthy environment to improve productivity and finished product quality. Therefore, we are offering a wide range of products and solutions in the market for extraction and filtration of various air contaminants, such as dust and particles, welding & cutting fumes, vehicle exhaust fumes, solvent gases and odours, explosive substances and oil mist.

Our systems and solutions include ATEX Approved filters, extraction arms and fan, portable vacuum system and hose reels, Extraction Arms to capture contaminants at its source, Filters – mobile, modular and centralised filter systems, Extraction Fans, High Vacuum Extraction systems, Vehicle Exhaust Extraction systems, Self-Retractable Hose & Cable Reels and Workplace Screening.

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