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G.A.L. manufactures high-quality precision alignment and weld measuring gauges for usage in various industries around the world. The brand offers high-quality precision weld measuring gauges at affordable prices for checking and measuring weld thickness, butt welds, pits, undercuts and so on.

It’s range of products include the measuring gauges, measuring calipers, GAL Taper Gages, Hydraulic Power Unit, “V-WAC” Single Weld Gage Cat, Pipe pit Gage cat, pocket fillet weld gage cat, inspection mirrors, Hi-Lo welding gage cat and many more.

All the alignment and weld measuring gauges are suitable for and widely used by industries such as aerospace industry, automotive industry, industrial hydraulics, power piping, railroad industry, air brake piping, fertilizer plants, petrochemical plants, power piping, ship building industry and many others.

G.A.L GAGE Company always strives to give the best solution to fit all the needs from each industry.

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