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A perfect welding power source needs be paired with an equally excellent robot, along with high quality welding contact tips, welding torches and other welding accessories. Boasting a technologically advanced series of robots, OTC Daihen’s products fulfil all these needs, all in one place.

OTC Daihen focuses on three main pillars to give the best possible welding solutions to customers: “Reliable, Repeatable and Clean”. With a wide range of high-performance products, customized services, and industry-leading support, OTC Daihen is your one-stop-shop for innovative welding and robotics solutions.

OTC Daihen‘s product range includes OTC Daihen Welbee series, OTC Daihen Welding and Handling Robot, OTC Daihen Accutig and others.

Reasons To Get OTC Daihen Welding and Automation Products:

Highly durable and reliable welding machine, manipulators, controllers, and welding accessories, all under one brand.
Thin plate welding without distortion possible with Synchrofeed technology.
Thick plate welding with Welbee series power sources.
High quality aluminum welding with Welbee P series.
Low spatter welding with Welbee series power sources.
Large workpiece manipulation with positioners.
Huge coverage and reach with long-arm models and sliders.
Deviation and Seam-tracking possible with OTC sensing solutions.
Small-in-size, light weight and portable power sources.
User-friendly design and features, its products are easy to use with easily identified buttons and simple operation with one-touch access.
Low cost of ownership due to low electric power consumption and minimal maintenance.

More than 40 years of experience in delivering Advanced Manual & Robotic Welding systems

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