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PFERD began by making files for blacksmiths and later went on to manufacture a wide variety of quality abrasives and cutting tools. Made of premium quality, PFERD’s grinding and cutting tools are now the global leaders in terms of quality and performance.

With ISO 9001 certification, two centuries of experience and a team of professional product managers, PFERD products offer solutions for hand finishing, grinding, cutting, and specialty applications all around the world. PFERD is responsible to ensure that the range of products is constantly updated and improved. They always strive for the highest levels of effectiveness in term of cost and energy for the customers.

Featured Categories of PFERD Products:

Beside files, PFERD is specializing in manufacturing milling tools, industrial power brushes, polishing tools with high-quality. With users in mind, PFERD never upsets the users in the industries with their products.


Fine Grinding & Polishing Tools

PFERD fine grinding and polishing tools allow fast work progress and high economic efficiency, due to its high stock removal rate in grinding. Besides, it has high durability, which makes it to have a long tool lifespan. Therefore, it is ideal for cordless angle grinders. The material that can be worked with the tools include weld, steel, stainless steel or other materials.


Cutting and Grinding Tools

PFERD provides products such as ring wheels, cut-off wheels which offer precise, fast cutting and smooth grinding. They have guaranteed a high performance for cutting hard materials and a very long tool life. Some of them are purposely designed for work on the surface of steel and high-temperature alloys. There are also tools which are suitable for very narrow places on edges. These are all for the requirements of industries.

In the nutshell, get PFERD to work with you! PFERD will improve your works of cutting and grinding even more. Let’s get WOW effects with perfect results, efficiency and ergonomics.

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