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Shindaiwa has a long history of satisfied customers from all around the world because of their focus and value on producing the highest quality, commercial grade products for people who rely on their machine.

Today, Shindaiwa’s products are strongly associated with high performance, durability and quality. Japanese brands have reputable qualities of high manufacturing standards and products that are made in japan is synonymous with top quality.

Shindaiwa stands for reliability and well-built quality made in Japan by Yamabiko Corporation. Shindaiwa Diesel Welders power all form of welding work efficiently. Every machine is developed with productivity, quality and the people who will use it in mind. Together with over 50 years of Yamabiko’s history and R&D excellence, this makes Shindaiwa Diesel Welders a product you can count on over the rest.

Powerful Welding in Compact Size

Compact & Mobile

Shindaiwa Diesel Welders are smaller and lighter, making it easily transported to another location with less manpower.

Ultra Quiet

Shindaiwa’s Ultra-Quiet Technology and special-designed air dams lower operational noise to 57dB – preventing sound related complaints and downtime.

Less Downtime

Enhanced heat resistance of engine prevents overheating. With less downtime, complete your work faster.


A maximum welding load and continuous operation for 12 hours, Shindaiwa Diesel Welding Machine consume much lesser fuel per hour*.

Maximum Power

Powerful engine, efficient alternator – the combination gives you maximum electric power for smoother and more continuous welds.


Suitable for all kinds of welding works, Shindaiwa welding machine can also be used for gouging and as a source of electric power.

As the exclusive distributor of Shindaiwa Diesel Welder in Malaysia, Leeden has been providing high quality products, services, demonstration and training to our customers. Contact us now to know more about Shindaiwa Diesel Welder. Click here to view Shindaiwa Malaysia Brochure

A Technology Over 50 years of the Making – The smart efficiency of Shindaiwa Diesel Welders come from its unique alternator which is also the source of Shindaiwa’s amazing efficiency by converting mechanical energy to pure electric for all your welding needs!

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