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Tempil incorporates state of the art temperature indicator technology for over 80 years. Experienced in advanced temperature indication, they develop a wide range of precise temperature measurement products for a wide variety of markets, uses and applications. The products include temperature indicators, strips, labels and dots.

These products are produced in a wide range of configurations to meet the needs of applications requiring accurate temperature measurement and control. Common usage includes temperature testing, temperature measurement and temperature verification in welding and manufacturing processes. It helps to monitor the environment in the supply chains of your industries and ensure that the performance of your products or services in the particular fields meets the standard.

Tempil Product Categories

Tempil’s products such as Tempilstik temperature indicating stick, Tempilaq indicating liquid and Thermax level strip indicators are of the top leading choice for use in most critical jobs.

Temperature Indicating Sticks

Temperature indicating stick provides efficiency, accuracy, confidence and compliance for the industries when it comes to surface temperature measurement especially in pre-heating, interpass and post-weld heat treating applications. For meet industries’ demands, its

temperature indicating sticks cover a wide range of temperatures from 100 F/ 38 C to 1800 F/ 982 C. Apart from that, Tempil’s indicating sticks are more long-lasting, compared to the other sticks.

Temperature Indicating Labels

With easy-to-read temperature labelling, Tempil’s temperature indicating labels are widely used in a variety of applications and environment where temperature is one of the key issues. They are indeed ideal for use because of its accuracy, reliability and functions. They can be quickly affixed to any surfaced to indicate the temperature. More importantly, it is designed to have a various type which covers a wide range of temperatures.

Temperature Indicating Liquids

Providing a quick, easy and cheap method to verify the temperature of surface, Tempil’s indicating liquid is optimal for cold or any smooth surface. It covers different temperature rating from 175 F to 1900 F. It is easy to use because users will just need to apply some of them and it will dry quickly, form an obvious mark to indicate if the target temperature has been achieved.

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