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Wachs is a world-class manufacturer of portable, precise and rigid pipe cutting and bevelling machines used for onsite machining of all pipes. Wachs’ products are specially designed for maintenance and construction of piping systems in oil and gas industries, power plants, refineries, shipyards and any other piping-related industries.

WACHS Applications

Weld Preparation

All Wachs machine tools use a cold cutting machining process for weld preparing, which can help to increase weld quality, save man-hours, eliminate unnecessary risk and most importantly deliver precise, repeatable results with consistent lands and better fit ups.

Pipe Cutting & Bevelling

Wachs split frames are widely used for cutting, double parting or simultaneous cutting and bevelling. With fast and extremely high precision, Wachs split frames are available in models to handle from 0.5 inches to 120 inches OD. They can also be configured to bevel, compound bevel and create J-Preps with specific radius.

Pipe Bevelling

For pipe bevelling, end prep bevellers are the ideal machines on any open-ended wordpieces where no cutting of pipe is needed. Wachs ID mounted end prep is highly recommended and all the end preps are using self-centering mandrels for easy setup and operation.

Pipe Counterboring

Wachs provides equipment which is used to machine the inside (ID) of the pipe, after the initial surface weld prep and welding, to create transition, tapers or smoothing. All our Wachs split frames are equipped with counterboring accessories, which are ideal for pipe counterboring.

Flange Facing

A wide range of machine tools for resurfacing flange faces and machining RTJ grooves is offered by Wachs. For example, DynaPrep MDSF can make a high-quality flange flacer, with available modules designed for flat face, raised face, record grooving and machining RTJ grooves. The LDSF is ideal for facing different large diameter pipes and vessels.

Heavy Wall & High Alloy

With robust construction and powerful drive motor options, Wachs DynaPrep MDSF is the best choice for machining heavy wall pipe and high alloy pipes. Based on the material, the MDSF can form tool up to 2.5 inches wall or single point heavy wall or high alloy steels.

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