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To meet the different needs of every TIG welding application, Weldcraft offers three distinctly different series of TIG torches and accessories with high quality. Therefore, Weldcraft is always the TIG welder’s choice for TIG torches and accessories.

The Crafter series features premium torches for critical and specialty applications. Complimenting this offering is the WP Series of core TIG products and accessories, as well as the Legacy Series. Each Weldcraft torch has been specifically engineered and assembled with the finest materials to withstand the most demanding application, so TIG welds can be performed with total confidence.

Categories of Weldcraft TIG Torches & Accessories

Weldcraft TIG Torch Starter Kits

Weldcraft starter kits include everything a welder needs except shielding gas and filler metal. It gives you convenience in TIG welding with your TIG welding power source.

Weldcraft TIG Torches & Replacement Accessories

Weldcraft TIG torches are specifically constructed to perform with Miller TIG welders. Our TIG torches and parts are made from the highest quality copper alloys that can handle extreme temperatures.

Weldcraft TIG Torch Power Adapters & Fittings

We produce a variety of genuine Weldcraft TIG torch power blocks, adapters and fittings to hook the TIG torch to the TIG welding machine.

Weldcraft TIG Nozzles & Gas Lens Nozzles

Similar to TIG collets, collet bodies and gas lenses, Weldcraft TIG nozzles and gas lens nozzles not only can fit our Weldcraft TIG torches, but also most major brands of TIG torches.

Weldcraft TIG Torch Accessory Kits

This is a kit which comes completely with all the most popular accessories and consumables. They are also compatible with most of the brands.

Weldcraft Tingsten Welding Electrode

Weldcraft tungsten welding electrode provides excellent arc stability in AC or DC welding. It is available in Pure Tungsten, 2% Ceriated, 2% Lanthanated and Rare Earth.

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