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Western Enterprises is the industry leader for Transmission and Gas Control Hardware to the compressed gas industry. Offering a full time of gas control products for welding and other industrial applications such as Medical, Manifolds and Inflation industries.

Top Welding Equipment, Fittings & Accessories from Welding Enterprises

Western’s products are designed and manufactured to provide unparalleled technical accuracy for the most demanding applications.

Inert Arc Fittings

Inert arc fittings cover inert arch nut, inert arc nipple, inert arc adapter and inert arc coupler with three different sizes which are A-Size, B-Size and C-Size. All the Welding Enterprises arc fittings are made of brass.

Ferrules, Hose Repair Kits & Hose Crimping Tools

If you are looking for brass hose ferrules, hose repair kits, hose crimping tools, brass dual hose brace or hose clamp, you are at the right place. With different inside diameters, the accessories can fit with many sizes of hose.

Torch Tip Nut

Made of brass, Welding Enterprises supplies various types of torch top nut such as hose splicer and torch tip nut with excellent functionality and durability. It can accommodate with its maximum pressure with different types of end styles like barb no stop, spiral hex, barb hex and barb round.

Y Connections, Valves & Safety Relief Vales

Welding Enterprises provides Y Connection, valved Y Connection, valves, cartridge valve, brass body valve and safety relief valve. We have valve which is suitable for corrosive gases, minimal force shut-off, non-corrosive gases and fine accuracy.

CGA Nut & Nipples

CGA But and nipples comes with brass, stainless steel, Pctfe, nylon, plastic or fiber materials. Different models and sizes can afford different maximum pressure, which are from 500 psi to 3000 psi.

Quick Connect

For users’ convenience, there are numerous quick connect sets with different items matched for the users to choose. The items include torch to hose oxygen/fuel gas set, check valves, hose to hose oxygen/ fuel gas set, regulator to hose oxygen/ fuel gas set, OSHA compliant torch to hose oxygen/ fuel gas set, OSHA compliant hose to machine inert and more.

Flashback Arrestors

With size A, B and C, flashback arrestors are of different styles to meet the demands of the users. For examples, there are oxygen torch style, fuel gas torch style, oxygen regulator adapter style and so on.

Check Valves

Western Enterprises manufactures check valves such as A size reverse flow check valve, B size reverse flow check valve, B size regulator reverse flow check valve, B size regulator outlet check valve, pipe thread check valve, heavy duty pipe thread check valve and CGA check valve.

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